Congratulations!  My name is Lisa Jones and I'm thrilled to be one of the first to congratulate you on your news business!  As your business coach and mentor, I care about your future and am 110% committed to helping you succeed.  Now, whether you've started your business for your own personal use, as a way to earn some fantastic part-time cash, as the means to replace your current income, or possibly to earn a six figure income, you're in the right place at the right time and within this email you'll find some important first steps!

Your first challenge:

Beat the Box!!

1. Book your orientation with me.
2.  Watch the inventory video in this email (if married, have your husband watch with you.)
3.  Make a list of 150 women and put a heart next to your 15 favorite women
4.  Book your 15 favorite women for your Pearls of Sharing practice interviews.  These will be completed on a 3 way phone call with you, myself, and each person you choose.  Book these using this script:

"Hey, ___!  I just started my own business teaching skin care and makeup with Mary Kay (I'm so excited!) and part of my training is to have a few of my favorite people (of course I thought of you!) give their hones opinion of our marketing plan.  My goal is to complete this within a week.  Is there any reason why you couldn't help?  It'll just take 15 minutes over the phone and it's super easy!"

As you're waiting for your starter kit to arrive (2-3 business days), take some time to review this email completely.  All of my contact information is posted for you at the bottom of this email.  I am excited to be working with you!  
Intouch (complete your first steps online) (our Unit website)

You have been given a Consultant number by Mary Kay, so you'll want to memorize the number as you will need it a lot!  You will want to go to Intouch right away.  The first time you go there, it will ask for your Consultant number and have you set up a password.  You will want to check this website often because this is where you complete your first steps, order your products, sign up for your website, get your business cards, and access amazing training.

Please connect with me on Facebook at and I will invite you to join our private Unit Facebook group.

It's super important to review your inventory options and decide how you would like to invest in your business.  When you purchased your starter kit, you purchased the right to sell and market the Mary Kay products (like a franchise.)  Now you must decide how to run your business and how you want to service your customers.  As an extra bonus, if you place a qualified order within 15 days, a free Custom look is available to you!  See the Ready, Set, Sell brochure below for complete details.  Please have your spouse watch this video with you - this is a money decision and you want them on the same page with you.  Keep in mind 90% buyback guarantee.  The company takes way more of a risk on us, than we take on ourselves.  I've been where you are and remember having questions.  Never hesitate to ask me because I'm never too busy to support you.  I look forward to answering any questions or concerns at your scheduled orientation appointment.

Ready, Set, Sell Brochure
New Consultant Orientation Packet
As a new consultant, you'll want to start making a contact list right away.  Aim for 150 names - just imagine you are making a guest list for your wedding.  Start with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and then draw a little heart next to the names you would love to share this opportunity with (to build your dream team.)  The following tools will help you create your list, book your first appointments, and get your first sales.

Contact List

Order Form

Current Look Book

Weekly Plan Sheet    Excel

As a new business owner, I encourage you to keep a close eye on your email and voicemail.  I strongly recommend that you attend a local training event as soon as possible.  We are in business for ourselves, but never by ourselves.  There is something special that happens when you surround yourself with positive women who want the best for you, have been where you are, and care about your success - including me!  I'm only a call, text, email, or Facebook message away:)

Believing in you, Lisa