I'm Russ Jones, husband of this unit's Sales Director, Lisa Jones. In an effort to educate and inform the husbands and boyfriends of Lisa's Leading Ladies, (and also to get away from all this girly stuff) I have created this page. One of the biggest things I have come to realize, over the years of being a Mary Kay husband, is how important it is for your better half to have your support. 

For the most part women that are earning cars, making real money, and going on trips, have a man in her life helping to make it happen. There are many wayss that you can do this from simply watching the kids so she can work, to getting involved in the business side, as I have decided to do. 

I am planning on a regular basis to post any information that may be of interest to you. Feel free to email me directly at jsheartwood@gmail.com with any questions or feedback that you may have. 

Russ Jones

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Below are some additional links to information that you may find interesting from a man's perspective. Some of the statistics are a few years old, however the numbers have only become more impressive over time. I am constantly looking to update this site with current information and will post any facts and figures as they become available. 
"If you aren't supporting your wives, you're not smart!"
by NSD Pam Shaw's husband, Jim Shaw
Facts & Stats
Mary Kay Company Info
Husband's FAQ
Give It Enough Time
Mary Kay Husband Job Description 
Developing An In-Home Business
Common Questions Asked By Husbands 
Advice from Mary Kay Husbands
(from the Lisa Madson website) 
Dan Madson, Husband Of National Sales Director Lisa Madson
Bill Peterson, Husband Of Director Sheryl Peterson
Lou Rada, Husband Of Director Lisa Rada
Important Information About Tax Essentials 
The Importance Of Keeping Accurate Records
Tax Records Checklist
For more tax information & forms, go to www.marykayintouch.com,
 "Tax Essentials" 
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