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The files below are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide consultants everything that they need to work their business "full circle."  From invitations all the way through the entire skincare party and glamour appointment, all the tools that you need are right here on this page!  Selling product is what it is all about!


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What you can earn by following this system - This income is strictly from selling - Team building commissions and bonuses are additional!!!

Joni's set closing sheets updated 8/16/18

An explanation of the money to be made, from sales, by a consultant who regularly follows our Pinkalicious Plan outlined below.
Pinkalicious Income

Use Avery 3381 perforated Post/Index cards or card stock and cut out yourself.

Attach you label or business card and hand out to invite guests to the Pinkalicious Party at our regular unit meeting. Earn while you learn! 
Pinkalicious TCI Invitation  

Print these off, fill in the blanks and use to invite guests to your private hostess lead events!
Pinkalicious Generic Invitation

Print these off (both sides) and have on available to fill in (by hand) date and time, once party is scheduled. Jot a note on the back and drop in the mail to hostess.
Pinkalicious Hostess Thank You

Click here for our current Pinkalicious Promotion - Use this flier to invite guests to our current special event!
Pinkalicious Promotion

The following conversations are excerpts from our New Consultant Orientation Packet. Seasoned consultants may need to slightly revise some of the wording..

Here is a script to help you book a Pinkalicious Party!
Pinkalicious Booking Conversation

This is an excerpt from Part 3 of our new consultant orientation packet that explains what to after the Pinkalicious Party has been booked.  
After Booking - Coaching your Hostess & her Guests

Be sure to have these four items in your Hostess Packet along with two Beauty Books and a Look Book from your showcase.

Print this off and use to encourage someone to have a Pinkalicious party  by going over all of the free product that she can earn. May wind up giving her this twice.

Once while discussing the idea of doing a party and again later in her "hostess packet"

At event use these Hostess Bucks to count out and show amount of free product she has earned.

*Pinkalicious Party - Hostess Flier*

successful event does not just happen by itself - Before the event give this print out to your hostess and coach her on how to invite guests.
Pinkalicious Hostess Hints  

Print these off and keep on hand. Place in "Hostess Packet" and make sure your hostess fills it out while following phone script. Ask her to place it on the fridge along with the thank you card. This should keep her motivated to make sure she has guests!
Pinkalicious Wish List  

Give these to your hostess to build her free product and have more total sales(Print off on regular paper and keep on hand)
Pinkalicious Outside Order Form

Very important tools to use regularly!

Use a separate sheet for the hostess of each individual appointment. Proper tracking helps to make sure that the party is a success!
Track each individual Hostess

This is a general tracking sheet that all consultants can use regularly. New consultants can use this sheet to track their 30 faces when first starting out.
Tracking Pinkaliciousness  


Table Close Sheet - Color 2015 Table Close Sheet - Skincare 2015

Last but not least! Our exclusive.... Lisa's Leading Ladies....

The The ultimate Pinkalicious party tool!  This awesome flip-chart takes us step by step through an entire Pinkalicious Party. Put the file on your tablet or have it printed, laminated and spiral bound. We can do this for you or you can have it done yourself at Office Depot.

Be sure to ask for your MK discount

(Be sure to place your name sticker on your flip-chart)

Pinkalicious Party Flip Chart  

Below are additional resources to print off and use at your Pinkalicious Party

- These are in a special format designed to use with full page clear acrylic frames like Lisa uses.

- Print them off and match up with picture and place in back facing side of acrylic frame.

(Suggest that you place your name sticker on frame.)


Spring 2015 Looks (pictures) Spring 2015 Look (product descriptions)

Winter 2014-15 Looks (pictures)

Winter Looks (product descriptions)

Recent Past "Looks" (pictures) Recent Past "Looks" (productdescriptions)

Tray liner product insert

Print these off and keep in bottom of your tray. (Under clear product wells)

(Go to "Training Center - Party Tray Liners" for product inserts for other classes IE: Botanicals, Clear Proof, Color, etc.)


Do you want to earn A Masters Degree in Pinkaliciousness? Attend our exclusive

  • First you must participate in all six parts of Lisa's Fundamentals training series. This can be accomplished at our weekly success meeting, on our Monday night call or online through this website. (Links to series recordings are listed below.)
  • The second requirement is to have a one on one conversation with Lisa to review and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Finally... (this is the big one Ladies) you must demonstrate your mastery of Pinkaliciousness, putting all you have learned into action by completing the "Power Start Plus". (This can be accomplished over any 30 day time period by any new or seasoned consultant. In addition to the "Power Start" prizes, graduates will receive a special diploma certificate.
Click on the play buttons below to listen to the recordings!
Part 1 - Basics & Booking
Part 2 - Coaching Your Hostess
Part 3 - Conducting the Pinkalicious Party
Part 4 - Closing the Pinkalicious Party
Part 5 - Team Building
Part 6 - Time & Money Management


These recordings are edited from Monday night call Fundamentals calls originally presented in the Fall of 2014


If you do not have the ability to print these off yourself, you can go to almost any copy center and have them do it for you, right off our website.  Office Depot & FedEx Office offer a discount to Mary Kay consultants.


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