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Outside Order Forms  Table Close Sheet Color - 2015
Table Close Sheet Think Pink Simplified
Excellence Recipe Tracking

Hoste$$ Buck$
Print these off and use at parties to illustrate the amount of free product earned
by the hostess 

10 Hostess Bucks 20 Hostess Bucks
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Rock - Shimmer - Shine

This is where you "sell the sizzle". We don't need a script. We all know how to do this... Advertisers know how to do this. They try and associate "good feelings" toward their products. And we should too. After all, does Pontiac sell excitement or cars? Work some of these into your next presentation...
  • Soothing Eye Mask is a "nap in a jar"
  • Age fighting eye cream is "a drink of water for your eyes"
  • Micro-beads in the night solution are "like stars at night"
  • Lip Outliner is "like a wonderbra for your lips, it keeps everything where its supposed to be"
  • The TW Miracle set is "a whole new you for $102 and is control top panty hose for your face"
  • Moisterizer is "like daily watering your skin needs and MK's hydration products are the lemonade on the back porch on a hot day"
  • Visible Fit Body lotion is "Dimple Cream!"