Building customer relationships that last a lifetime requires 
integrity, loyalty, trust, and respect.

I once asked my friend Roland, the owner of Jarrettsville Furniture, a question.  How have you managed to be so successful  for over 30 years while other furniture stores have come and gone?  His answer was "CUSTOMER SERVICE".  "It is our #1 priority.  We treat our customers like gold and they keep coming back."  
The glitz and glitter associated with a career in Mary Kay is great....But! 
               we must never forget Customer Service! 

  Without customers.. we have no sales.. without sales... we have no business.
Building Stars in Cars,

    "Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence
     and ability to perform shall cease to exist." - Mary Kay Ash

Build Customers For Life

Always use Mary Kay's Formula 2+2+2 .... Are you calling a new customer two days after the first appointment, checking her progress two weeks later at the next appointment and calling her two months later for reorders?
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Ten Rules for Great Customer Service Maintaining Your Customer Base
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